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How to make vision statement for business?

A company vision statement reveals what an organization hopes to be and achieve in long term. It helps to understand the meaning and purpose of your business. Before determining what your vision statement is,  you need to understand. It is designed to convey why the company exists to both members of company and external community. A vision is an aspiration. 1. It should be concise and not longer than a sentence.  It should stretch the imagination while providing guidance and clarity. 2. It will inform direction. 3. When formalizing a vision make note that I)  It should project 5 to 10 years in future. II) Dream big and focus on success. III)  Use the present tense. IV)  Should be clear V)  Align it with your business values and goals. VI)  Have a plan to communicate your vision to all people.

How to optimize video for SEO?

Video SEO is optimizing your video to be indexed and rank on search engine for specific keywords. To give best optimized video follow these 1. Add value Your content should be relevant to your audience and also make sure that quality of video sounds good.  A good quality video can master all. 2. Video Hosting  To increase traffic and improve the ranking upload your video and add a link of your site in the description. 3. Create Interactive content.  May be an annotation or caption or any other choose one option to make audience interactive. 4. Optimise with keywords  Keyword research occur in video SEO and it may help you discover most relevant content for your target clients. Feel free to use different keywords and also remember to create descriptive and legible content. 5.Focus on thumbnail It is the first thing user will notice and it might affect people to take decisions of whether to watch or not. 6. Make shareable content   Shareable content is unique, creati

How to become successful entrepreneur?

Entrepreneur is the one who starts and runs a new business, who create a new opportunity accepting all the risk and rewards involved in it. A good entrepreneur should have the quality of seeing things in positive manner. He/She should adore hope as a major tool. Even after failing multiple times,  finding a solution and running successful business plays a major role. 1. Work smarter rather than harder.  Many might have a thought that working hard for several hours without eating,  sleeping etc might help more for success. But in reality it is not 100% true. Ofcourse Hardwork is needed for success but apart from that smart work plays a major role. To become a successful entrepreneur, work smarter. 2. Hire people  First need to understand the importance of delegation because all are not good or best at everything.  Each one will lag at some specified point. So hiring people who are best at respective field is more worth than other. 3. Get more done and spend less When y

How to lead a successful blog?

To lead a blog you can either use a free or self hosted type. Free type is similar to the options provided by get a profitable blog you should not prefer to free plan. Because                1.It may be sloppy.                2.Customization are limited.                3.You are limited in monetizing. Because of these flaws,  we can focus on self-hosting. While started thinking of it there are many options like Blue host,  Go daddy,  000 webhost , Hostinger etc. First register a domain name for your blog. Along with the domain name you need to purchase for setting up hosting. Choose a perfect blog hosting package. For every domain to run you should need a server that is accessed on the internet that is termed hosting. The basic plan of hosting starts with Rs.2250/- per year for 100MB storage. After setting up domain and hosting next set up WordPress on your blog. Then choosing the right theme you can customize all thing. You need to be aware of WordPress