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Why should I choose Online marketing?

Why should I choose online marketing in Godaddy? Are you new to online marketing? Are you starting a new business ? No more hesitations and no more doubts. Choose wisely. The basic thing you need to opt before online marketing is website,  which is the centre point of all. Website is the heart of your business. Secure a good domain name , hosting and do you can do it yourself with website builder or by hiring to build your site. Once you have strong online presence you are now ready to start adding online marketing tools to drive more traffic and business. To create online marketing you need to know about following terms 1.Blog 2.Content Marketing 3. Call to action (CTA) 4.Click through rate (CTR) 5.Domain name 6.e-commerce 7.SEO 8.SEM 9.E-mail marketing and 10. Social Marketing. How much I need to spend? In Go-daddy for SEO and email marketing alone you need to spend around Rs.700 per month. Why not in yobha? In yobha,  complete digital marketing package wh

website - do it yourself

Why GoDaddy? It comes with enormous domain name and hosting plans,website builders and other features. How do I get a domain name ? 1. Decide on a domain name extension . Extension is what you see at the end. 2.Think about what you need on other side might be business name also. 3.You can type the domain and check it out for availabilty. Website Builder GoDaddy provide website builder option where can create websites by  Do it Yourself Managing your Wordpress. It doesn't need a coding you can drag and drop and can build a basic site. Templates can be chosen on wish. For advanced site you need to set up for your account and can build site using it. Website builder allows you to make revisions of template whenever you need. It doesn't provide you with content. Content for your site has to be prepared by own. You just need to make a purchase of domain name , hosting , website builder. While renewal after a year, you just need to renew all your products depend

Which is the best option for building a perfect website?

Building a perfect website for your business is the first step towards your successful growth. Website builder might be a better option for designing a professional site. Website builder option is provided by various web hosting service companies like blue host, go daddy etc. Website builder might include 1.Pre-made templates for customization. 2.Layout modules might be present to include images and videos. 3.It is a tool to reduce website creation complexity. Themes and plugins will be free or paid. In free type themes will be simple and plugin option will be less. It is very difficult to build a website with all features in  a basic plan. To integrate all the options you need, you might happen to change to the advance plan. Each plugin is available at various cost. Customizing them perfectly needs some professional help. To make your site rank first, SEO option has to be included seperately. As far as content is concerned, you need to create better content. Without content

Why do I need a domain name?

A right domain set you up for successful future. You don't want to mess around with confusion. Domain name were created to make IP address easy to remember. We assign domain names in order to remember and show them to outside world. A domain name serve as your unique identity on the internet. If you want to promote yourself, your brand or your business  , a specialized and unique domain is essential. Domain name make you look professional and capable and can boost your presence on the web. So you will get noticed everywhere. Importance: 1.Domain name gives accessibility. 2. You can even connect more personally through your blog. 3.It assures brand protection for your business. 4.You can create professional e-mail. 5.Helps jn online sale. On your website you can advertise upcoming sales and events, offers, special discounts etc.. Domain name helps to stay active in online forever. Visit