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What is social media marketing and how it boosts your sales ?

Social media marketing is the process of gaining traffic or attention through social media sites.
How Are Search & Social Media Marketing Related?
Why would a search marketer  or a site about search engines care about social media? The two are very closely related.
Social Media marketing is done at different lands. Popular social media sites are
Social networking websites allow individuals, businesses and other organizations to interact with one another and build relationships and communities online.
Social networking websites allow individuals, businesses and other organizations to interact with one another and build relationships and communities online.
Passive approach :
Blogs, content communities, and forums are platforms where individuals share their reviews and recommendations of brands, products, and services.
Active approach
Social media can be used not only as public relations and direct marketing tools but also as communication channels targeting very specific audiences with social media influencers and social media personalities and as effective customer engagement tools.
what you need to include in your social media marketing strategy so it works from day one?
1: Identify Business Goals
Goals is must to progress through next step. Without a goal you cannot work on a good strategy.
Look closely at your company’s overall needs and decide how you want to use social media to contribute to reaching them.
Your strategy includes increasing brand awareness, retaining customers and reducing marketing costs are relevant to everyone.
Goals should be measurable, realistic, achievable,  ethical,  timely,  specific and reachable. Setting goal is the prime importance.
2: Set Marketing Objectives

Goals aren’t terribly useful if you don’t have specific parameters that define when each is achieved.
You can determine your objectives with the S-M-A-R-T approach: Make your objectives specific, measurable, achievable, relevant and time-bound.
      1.Choose objectives you can achieve.
      2.Refine your goals so they’re relevant to your company.
      3.ensure your objectives are relevant to the company’s overall vision.
3: Identify Ideal Customers
If a business is suffering from low engagement on their social profiles, it’s usually because they don’t have an accurate ideal customer profile.if you happen to know about your customers strength,  needs and expectations you can easily cope up.
When it comes to social media marketing, researching your competition not only keeps you aware of their activity, it gives you an idea of what’s working so you can integrate those successful tactics into your own efforts.
5: Choose Channels and Tactics:
Your tactics for each social channel rely on your goals and objectives, as well as the best practices of each platform.
6.Create a good content :
Content and social media have a symbiotic relationship: Without great content social media is meaningless and without social media nobody will know about your content. 3 social media strategy are type of content, time of posting and frequency of posting.
7: Allocate Budget and Resources:
Make a comprehensive list of the tools you need (e.g., social media monitoring, email marketing and CRM), services you’ll outsource (e.g., graphic design or video production) and any advertising you’ll purchase.
8: Assign Roles
Knowing who’s responsible for what increases productivity and avoids confusion and overlapping efforts.

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